Serengeti National Park

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Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is cradled in the northern expanse of Tanzania. This magnificent Tanzanian National Park, which sprawls a staggering 14,763 km is a living, breathing example of life unfolding just like it did decades ago. To the Maasai tribe, this is the realm where the earth stretches endlessly, a sanctuary where time seems to stand still. Here, the largest concentration of wildlife on the planet continues to prosper to this day.

Serengeti Safaris are where nature's timeless drama unfolds – where the grand spectacle of the wild plays out as it has for centuries. The thundering herds of wildebeest and zebra begin epic migrations, an awe-inspiring journey of survival. The land belongs to the kings and queens of the wild, the big cats and other majestic species that rule with a royal air. Every moment in the Serengeti offers a glimpse into the heart of Africa, a world where the true Tanzania Safari experience remains untamed.

All About Serengeti National Park

The stage for the Great Migration and an African wilderness legend.

Location And Landscapes

Nestled in the broad reaches of northern Tanzania, Serengeti National Park is an expansive masterpiece covering more than 14,700 square kilometres.

  • The landscapes of the park are a fusion of diverse ecosystems.
  • From the rolling woodlands to the rugged hills and the endless plains that stretch as far as the eye can see, every corner of the Serengeti tells a story of life's timeless journey.
  • Iconic rocky outcrops, known as kopjes, scatter the plains, providing both scenic beauty and hidden havens for wildlife.
  • The park's stunning Grumeti River adds another dimension, offering an essential water source for the thriving inhabitants.

The Serengeti's varied terrains are the stage upon which nature's boundless drama plays out! Along with also being a place where Tanzania Safaris untouched beauty leaves a lasting impression.

Getting There And Best Time To Visit

The Serengeti National Park Safari adventure begins with a journey to northern Tanzania. This is the gateway to this remarkable African jewel. The most convenient accessibility options include:

  • Flying to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO) or Arusha Airport (ARK)
  • And, flying to one of the seven airstrips that are located inside the premises of the park.

The Best Time to Visit Serengeti National Park is during the dry season, which spans from late June to October. This is when the land comes alive with the Great Migration, a breathtaking spectacle that sees thousands of wildebeest and zebras traverse the park.

The climate is mild, the skies are clear, and the game drives offer exceptional wildlife viewing opportunities.

Wildlife Of The Park

In the heart of the Serengeti, a vibrant tapestry of wildlife puts together an epic story of survival and natural beauty. Major highlighted Animals of Serengeti consist of:

  • Here, the big cats rule with majesty, with lions, cheetahs, and leopards displaying their power and grace.
  • The towering giraffes gracefully roam the acacia woodlands, while immense herds of buffalo, zebras, and gazelles graze in coexistence.
  • Majestic elephants traverse the land, while the riverbanks vibrate with the calls of hippos and the presence of crocodiles.

From the elusive serval cats to the magnificent African wild dogs, the Serengeti unfolds a cast of characters that define the essence of Tanzania’s wilderness.

Things To Do In The Park

In the Serengeti, every moment is an invitation to explore the untamed heart of Africa, with a focus on sharing information. Game drives offer the opportunity to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration and provide intimate encounters with the park's diverse wildlife.

  • Guided Serengeti Walking Safaris reveal the secrets of the savanna.
  • From understanding animal tracks to delving into the delicate balance of the ecosystem.
  • For the adventurous spirit, a Serengeti Hot Air Balloon Safari offers a unique perspective of the vast plains.
  • Furthermore, birdwatching is a captivating pastime, with over 500 avian species to discover.

Safaris in Serengeti National Park are an information-rich adventure, a realm where every sunrise and sunset paints the story of nature's wonder.

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